GPxSite v1.0d

Version v1.0d was released on 2002-02-22

(C) 2002 by Niels Basjes

IMPORTANT: Installation Notices
Frequently Asked Questions
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Whats new in version 1.0d

What ?

So you want to have a GrandPrix racing competition with some friends ?
With a racing competition I mean you can all drive hotlaps or races in GrandPrix 3, saves these laps and upload them into GPxSite.

With GPxSite (currently only packaged as a PHP-Nuke module) you can have this competition and automatically check each upload against the rules you have set.
Here is a screen shot (v1.0c) of what the default overview page looks like (completely dynamically generated !!).

Why ?

Just for fun.

License ?

GPxSite is available under the GNU Public License.

What do I need ?

How do I install ?

I've written the software to be almost self installing.

NOTE: This version is still versy static in some areas so throughout the season you will probably change the index.php over time. This version is the first realeas that actually is usable. Later realeases (NOT in the short term) will be more advanced.
If you have good ideas or bug fixes don;t hesitate to mail them to me.

Download ?

Don't forget to check the IMPORTANT Installation Notices and the FAQ.

Download GPxSite

Version Release Date Source
1.0d 2002-02-22 GPxSite.1.0d.phpnuke.tar.gz

Important Installation Notices

    Someone told me there is a severe problem when installing GPxSite (lots of SQL errors).
    Quick 'fix':
    In GPxGameEntry.php change this (near line 44):

        "ID" => array (
               "dbfield" => "INTEGER NOT NULL",
               "dbPrimKey" => "No",


        "ID" => array (
               "dbfield" => "INTEGER NOT NULL",
               "dbPrimKey" => "Yes",

    Then load the page in order to create the tables.
    When completed you should return it to the original setting.

    I'll be looking into this problem ASAP.
  2. I get "Fatal Error: Failed opening the required file 'DB.php'"
    In order to run GPxSite you need the PEAR libaries. These libaries are a part of the standard PHP distribution but on some systems you need to install them manually. DB.php is the entry point for the PEAR database abstraction classes.

Changes from 1.0b to 1.0c
Changes from 1.0c to 1.0d

Frequently Asked Questions

This is the FAQ for GPxSite. If you have a question not handled in the FAQ just mail me using

Planned enhancements for future versions of GPxSite.

This is a list of items I plan to put in furture versions of GPxSite.


If you like, hate, have good ideas or have something else to tell me about GPxSite don't hesitate to let me know.

GPxSite is Copyright (C)2002 by Niels Basjes